Home centrifuge machines like the one in this video are used to make small metal objects from scrap metal and other materials.

If you have one in your home, here’s how to use it.1.

Install the machine2.

Start with a piece of scrap metal3.

Make a cylinder from it4.

Start using the centrifuge to make a piece from that scrap metal5.

Clean up the metal and finish with a coating of your choice6.

You can add paint or finish it with a permanent marker, a paint brush or a sandpaper.

You’ll be able to keep that piece of metal for a while.

If your machine gets damaged or broken, there’s no need to take it apart.7.

When the time comes, remove the metal cylinder and the coating, then add a new piece of it.8.

Take a picture of your new piece, and post it to the website to show off your coolness.