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The Sports Bible: Home foiling Machine

Home foisting machines are not a new concept, but they are increasingly popular in the modern world.Home foils are generally constructed in a similar fashion to those used in a foiling room, where a single piece of wood is used to hold the machine in place.The purpose of a foisting machine is to hold a […]

How to buy a home fitness tracker

A home fitness tracking device can be found for $150,000 or less, and it’s actually a bit cheaper than a lot of other options.Home Fitness Tracker was designed by former Google employee Ben Schmitt and his brother, Chris.Ben started the company in 2011 to make a device that would measure how you move around and […]

Which is better: home-grown or imported?

A US doctor has won the right to use his home-made tanning bed to treat his cancer patients.The US patent was filed last week.US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) spokesperson, Kelly Buell, said the patent was issued in August last year, and is now awaiting approval by the US Patent Office.“It was a lot of […]

How to make a juicer home machine

With the holiday season approaching, some home owners are using juicer machines to make homemade pies, ice cream and other treats.But they’re not making them from scratch.A few days ago, I got the chance to get my hands on a home juicing machine that can make cookies, muffins, muffin cups, pies and more.I also got […]

How to make a home shampoo machine

The home shampoo machines are still the most common home machine used in India.A home shampooing machine has the same basic design as a dishwasher.There are two parts, the shampooing pump, which runs on a motor, and the dispenser, which is powered by electricity.The dispenser can dispense water or shampoo.The pump and dispenser have a […]