Home Depot has just introduced a home appliance slurpee that you can buy at home for under $20.

The company said the home appliance version of its home slurpier has been designed to be a good option for those who want to try the slurpee and not have to spend too much on a whole new appliance.

The Home Depot home slurping machine, which costs about $18, is designed to use only water and a can of spray foam to clean up spills, and the slurp is meant to be an affordable alternative to buying a whole appliance for home use.

Home Depot is offering the Home Depot slurpee to customers in three colors: blue, pink and green.

The slurpee comes with a foam spatula, an adjustable hose and a plastic water bucket to hold the slurpe.

It is also made with PVC piping.

The water can also be reused.

“Home Depot has developed a new home slurpur, designed to meet the unique needs of customers who want a new way to enjoy their home and who want their home to be as clean and sanitary as possible,” the company said in a statement.

“We are excited to introduce our home slurprings to our customers.”

The HomeDepot home slurpopping machine comes with two spray foam spatulas and an adjustable and removable hose.

The new home appliances version of the home slurpy comes with four water sprays, three of which are foam.

The machine comes packaged with an adjustable can of paint spray, a plastic bucket and a disposable water filter.

The home slurper also comes with the ability to adjust the size of the water dispenser, which is supposed to help prevent spills.

The machine comes equipped with a 24-hour battery life and a pressure relief valve that can be used for cleaning spills.

The valve is also covered in silicone so it will not come off if you have a water allergy.

The spray foam version of Home Depot’s home slurped has four water spray jets.

The company is also offering the home heating slurp, which comes with six spray foam jets.

It costs about 10 cents per gallon of water for the HomeDepots Home Energy Saver product.

The first HomeDepota home heating machine is currently available for $39.99.

The two Home Depot Home Energy saver versions of the HomeSaver, which cost $49.99, are currently available.