Homebrewers in Israel have created a home bar that makes its own booze and coffee.

The machine, called the Boba Machine, is built from plywood and glass.

The bar, which cost just over 1,000 shekels ($18) and was unveiled Monday, is the latest project in a trend of home-brewing machines being made with recyclable materials.

A few years ago, the Israel Beer Institute launched the Boca machine, which uses a small metal pipe that is used to transfer alcohol and coffee to the beer.

The Boca Machine was inspired by the Homebrew Lab, which offers home-based beer, but also a beer kitchen.

“The Homebrew Boca is more sophisticated than the Home Brew Lab, because it has a full bar, a fridge, and a full kitchen,” said Yehuda Chaim, founder of the Israeli Beer Institute, who also founded the Bava Lab.

“You have a bar, where you can prepare your food and drink it.

You can put it in the fridge and cook it.”

Chaim also has plans to sell a machine that would brew home-made beer for just around 10,000 hekels, or about $100.

In Israel, the homebrewing industry is booming, with home-grown beers being brewed on demand at home and imported into the country.

However, the industry has a steep learning curve for brewers.

Chaim said he and his co-founder had to learn how to use glass to make the machine, but after learning, they could make the machines in a few hours.

The Homebrew Machine is made of wood, glass, and plastic.

Chafetz said he built the machine with his father, who is a commercial truck driver.

He also built a similar machine in a shed at his family’s home in Tel Aviv, and plans to make one more for his own home.

“We’re not going to use the same materials, and we’re not making the same parts,” he said.

Chafeetz said the machine will be available to home brewers for free to start.

He said he hopes to sell the machines to businesses.

“I want to sell it to people who can afford it,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“But I’m not sure how much profit there will be.”

The HomeBrew Machine can make beer and wine.

Chachaim said the machines are also equipped with a humidifier, which can keep the beer cool and free from mold.

Chavona, a bar manager who works at a local bar, said he will be using the machine for a while.

“When I see the beer, I will taste it,” Chachach said.

“Then I will know whether it’s good or not.”

The machines will be able to ferment beer for a year or more.

Chaves said he is considering a move to Israel from New Zealand, where he plans to work.

“There are more people in Israel who can brew beer, and they also are good drinkers,” he added.

“It’s very nice that I can do something to help my country.”

Chaves is a homebrewer, too, and hopes to brew beer and cider at home someday.