Home loan machines are now the main source of money for millions of Australians, with some of the biggest banks offering them at a discount.

With interest rates as low as 1.5 per cent, home loan machines can often be cheaper than loans in banks.

Here’s how to buy one.

Read more: But with the government pushing to keep the interest rate on home loans at 1.75 per cent until the end of 2018, some lenders are offering the machines at even lower rates.

“It’s a great deal,” says a Home Loan Association spokeswoman.

“If you are looking for a mortgage, it can be an affordable way to pay for a home.”

The average cost of a loan machine loan in Australia is around $5,500.

But that doesn’t include the interest rates.

So to get a machine for around $6,500, you’ll need to pay around $3,000.

“For a mortgage of $6.5 million, it’s a very low rate,” she says.

“So if you are considering a loan, it is an excellent way to get started.”

Some of the cheapest loans on the market include a $1,500 loan from Bank of America and a $50000 loan from ANZ.

Here are the best deals: ANZ mortgage calculator The ANZ machine is a simple device with a digital teller and a built-in bank.

It offers loan terms of 24 months and interest rates of 1.25 per cent.

This is a very affordable rate, and it’s available to borrowers in many states and territories.

“We are happy to offer the most affordable home loan in the country,” says ANZ spokeswoman Julie Scott.

The ANV machine is also a great way to make small payments.

It can give you a rate of 3.25 to 3.75% depending on the size of the loan and how much you borrow.

It’s also available in states including NSW and Victoria.

It takes an average of five minutes to set up and takes only about 30 minutes to withdraw cash from the machine.

“The ANV is perfect for people who are looking to reduce debt and help pay down their bills,” she said.

ANZ loan calculator If you are paying off debt but want to avoid a high interest rate, the ANV can help you do that.

This loan calculator shows the interest you would get for a $2,000 loan and a loan of $4,000 that is 25 per cent off the market rate.

You can set up your loan terms and interest rate using the ANZ calculator.

ANV loan calculator Rates and terms of ANV loans are available in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australian and the ACT.

ANP loan calculator The Australian Personal Finance Association offers a number of different loan products, including mortgage loans, loan to value loans and loan to equity loans.

These can be used to pay off debts and pay off the mortgage or buy a house.

For more information, check out the ANP website.

To get a loan you can use ANP, you must have an ANP credit card or an ANPP credit card.

For a home mortgage, you can only use ANPP.

There are also other loan products on offer, including an interest rate calculator, mortgage lending calculator and mortgage credit calculator.

There is also an interest-only loan option available for the first five years of your mortgage.

“You can go into the ANA website and search for an interest loan for just $50 a month,” says the ANPA spokeswoman.