The world is full of items you need to throw away, and many of them are just plain ugly.

Here’s a list of the things you should probably toss.


A trash can for trash bags 2.

A water bottle for water bottles 3.

A towel for towels 4.

A bottle of toilet paper for toilet paper 5.

A box of toilet bowls for toilet bowls 6.

A plastic bag for plastic bags 7.

A cardboard box for cardboard boxes 8.

A jar of tuna for tuna sandwiches 9.

A bag of potato chips for potato chips 10.

A cup of coffee for coffee 11.

A pack of chewing gum for gum 12.

A tube of toothpaste for toothpaste 13.

A paper clip for a paper clip 14.

A pair of scissors for scissors 15.

A book case for a book case 16.

A chair for a chair 17.

A coffee cup for coffee