A Christmas Eve machine that’s been around for years will soon be available in the home.

The Lad Bible, which is a bible for Christians, says that it’s possible to create a Christmas machine by replacing the standard TV with a computer.

The bible says that the computer will also control the lights and fans.

However, the Lad Bible is currently unable to offer any instructions on how to create such a machine, and instead offers a detailed guide on how a person can create a new Christmas machine.

“To do this, you need a new television, a computer, a power source, a lamp, a television set, a TV, a projector and a projector.

You then need a set of lights, and you need to install a computer,” the Lad bible reads.”

You will then need to plug the new set of television, computer and power source into a socket in the ceiling, so the old television will stay on.”

The bible advises people to use a lamp for lighting, and that a projector, which converts the picture into text, is the best way to light up the Christmas tree.

“There’s no need to buy a new set or to replace any other lights, just install the projector, and turn the light on.

The computer will then control the lighting and the lights will go on,” it said.”

This is called ‘pump and play’.”

But the Lad’s guide suggests that people with more experience will want to replace the existing Christmas lights with a new light, as the old ones will need to be replaced.

It also says that to complete the machine, you will need a TV set with a resolution of 800p or higher.

“We suggest you buy a television, which you can buy from a reputable TV manufacturer, or a set with the proper resolution.

If you don’t have a television yet, you can also buy a TV for less than $300,” the guide says.

The machine will cost $2,400 (£1,700) and is likely to sell for around $500-$700.

“The machine is designed to be portable and has a maximum size of 60cm (25in).

It can be used anywhere in the house, and can be installed in a couple of hours,” the bible says.”

It can be made from wood, plastic or PVC, or any material you choose.”