The old man with the beard is a legend in Ireland.

His nickname is “the man who brought Ireland back from the brink of ruin” and he has been described as a hero of the Irish independence movement.

But what makes his legacy so powerful is his connection with the country’s culture.

It is a relationship he shares with his son, the countrys most prominent and well-known writer and poet.

He also wrote a memoirs of his life, including his own autobiography.

Here, we take a look at the man and his son and their relationship to the Irish national anthem.

Irish novelist Patrick Nally is the author of the book ‘The Irishman’ which was adapted into the film ‘The King of Kings’ in 2002.

He has written a number of other books, including ‘The Story of the Two Cities’, which won the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Film Award.

This article first appeared on RTE Ireland.