A simple but very practical machine that is a lot more affordable than a big box store can be used in Israel to bring food and drink to the masses.

This small vending machine is being offered by the Israeli company Eilat, which is selling them for about $100.

The machine can be made by hand, but it can be assembled by machine.

Eilas machine is powered by a gas generator, which generates a few watts of electricity and a few kilowatts of heat.

The machine is designed to make a vending machine for about 50 Israeli citizens.

It can be purchased from Eilats website, or from a local shop.

Eilaat says that the machine can carry up to 200 servings of food and can also serve beverages for $8.50.

The company says that they are using the machine because it is the most convenient vending machine they have seen in Israel.

“The average Israeli does not have a regular, functioning vending machine.

This is a new invention, because this vending machine does not need to be opened at night or at nightshift.

It will also work when the sun goes down, so it’s a perfect device for use during the winter,” said Yossi Tzur, an Eilata employee.

“You don’t need to open it, but we will make sure that you do.

It’s a simple, yet convenient vending device that you can use anytime.”

The company will also sell the vending machine to a small number of customers, who will have to pay the company $5 to $10 to use the machine, depending on the size of the order.

The company says they will keep the machine for five years.

The vending machine has a price tag of $10.

It also has a number of other features, such as the ability to take credit cards, and a large battery that can keep it powered for an hour and a half.

There is also a timer that tells you when to stop, and it has a USB charging port.

There are two battery sockets on the side of the machine that can be easily plugged in and out of the vending device.

The machines have two rechargeable batteries and are designed to last for up to 30 days.

This vending machine sells for about a hundred dollars.