You might not have seen it, but home extraction machines are becoming more common, with a new one launching in Australia on Thursday.

The home extraction machine is a handheld device that can extract drinks from your fridge.

It is also an easy way to make your drinks taste better, because it uses only water and sugar.

The machine can be bought for under $1,500.

The machine is not new to the industry, with similar devices appearing in the US, the UK and China.

The Home Extractor is the first machine to be made by the Australian company, which was started in the United Kingdom in 2015.

The Home Extractors are designed to extract drinks out the fridge in two stages, and can cost from $100 to $1.50 per unit.

They are ideal for home cooks, who are keen to be able to make their own ice cream or soups, or for those who want to be extra efficient in their home cooking.

Home Extractors were developed in the UK by a team of engineers at the University of Warwick, who have worked on the home extraction technology for the past four years.

They have now completed their first batch of machines.

The company claims that their machines are “very efficient” at extracting food and drink, and that they can be used by almost anyone, and are “great for making delicious food and beverages”.

“The Home Extractors are great for people who want the convenience of having a simple, cheap, and effective home-brewed ice cream, but want the taste of home,” the company’s website states.

The machines can be installed in the fridge of your home and can be set to automatically extract food from the fridge, including soups.

Once you have placed the machine into your fridge, you can choose from four presets to work on.

They can also be set for different times of day and temperature to get a better flavour profile.

“You can also choose to extract food using a special sugar extraction machine which produces the best flavour possible,” the Home Extraction Machine website states, adding that it can be “up to 10 times more effective” than traditional methods.

The devices can also extract water, and have a range of flavours to suit the needs of different people.

Home extractors are “a great way to get drinks from the freezer to the bar without any hassle”, the company says.

“This saves you the hassle of putting out the freezer and the need to refill it.

The drink is ready to drink.””

You just lift the device from the shelf and use a small suction cup or spoon to squeeze out the liquid.

The drink is ready to drink.”

The Home Grate is a similar device, which can be purchased for $2,300.

The company says that the product has been “designed to remove ice and snow from the ice cream you eat, but it can also create the perfect blend of flavours for home use”.

The Home Fridge Extractor was also introduced by Home Extractions in January, with the aim of “reimagining home cooking in a more efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable way”.

The machines are available to buy in a range at $100-$1,50 per machine, and for $300-$600, with some machines costing more than that.

However, some people have had negative reactions to the machines, with one person claiming that they “feel like they are ripping the soul out of my kitchen”.

“I have been trying to get my grout out of all the dishes, even though I love them so much, and I have not been able to,” the woman wrote on the company website.

“I just feel like this machine is ripping my soul out and making me want to rip my grouting.”

“I love the way it extracts the grout from the kitchen, and it does so quickly and cleanly.

I am also happy that I can use it to make soups and ice cream in my kitchen, rather than in the microwave.”

Some people have been criticised for using the machines too much, but Home Extractresses co-founder and co-CEO Tom Smith told ABC News that the machine has been popular.

“We have sold over a million units and we have had many inquiries from people who would like to buy the machines and we’ve also had customers from overseas who want them to buy their own, so we are happy that we are getting a lot of interest,” he said.

The new Home Extract machines are set to be launched in the states of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia on the same day.

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