In the fall of 2021, the first Apple Store for home automation products is going to be launched in China, according to a recent report by China Technology News.

The article says that the new home automation product will launch in early 2021, and that the products will be available in stores across the country in early to mid-2100.

While this news seems to confirm what we’ve been hearing all along, there are some key details that don’t quite line up.

First off, the article says Apple has chosen to launch the product in China in 2021, but there’s no word on how it’ll do so, and no indication that Apple will even ship the products there.

The report also mentions that the home automation devices will feature Apple’s latest HomeKit platform, which allows HomeKit devices to control your lights, appliances, and more.

The HomeKit smart home system allows you to connect devices like smart locks and thermostats, smart locks, and smart thermostat controllers to your home, and it can also act as a central hub for connecting devices like remote control devices, garage door openers, and even smart home appliances.

The article says the devices will also be able to automatically adjust the volume of the lights, the air conditioner, and the water heater, and will work with the Apple TV to control the lights.

There’s no indication if these devices will be compatible with HomeKit and Apple’s other HomeKit accessories.

The Apple HomeKit HomeKit system will also allow the devices to monitor your smart home devices like your smart lockscreen, garage doors, thermostators, and thermoregulates, so you can control the smart home features with your home automation device without having to connect it to Apple’s existing apps.

In addition, HomeKit will also let the devices connect to Apple Watch and Siri to help you control the devices.

Apple is planning to launch a handful of HomeKit-enabled devices at its retail stores in China.

These devices will all feature a built-in microphone and speakers, and they will also have built-ins to control certain kinds of smart home automation, including smart locks (with HomeKit integration) and thertopat controllers.

The new HomeKit products will likely launch in 2021 and have an expected release date of early to middle 2021.