In a conversation with EW, “Sons” creator Kurt Sutter shared a few of his thoughts on the upcoming spin-offs of his popular series, “Breaking Bad.”

“This is my show, I can say with confidence that I am proud of it,” he said.

“I’m proud of the creative direction that we’re going in and that we’ve created something that will be more than just a continuation of the show.

I think this is what you do when you get a show that’s as good as it is.

It will never be something you just walk away from.”

Sutter’s thoughts on his own show and what fans can expect from the spin-Offs were interesting and varied, and he explained why the series will take place in the future and how things are changing as it evolves.

“The main thing that is going to be changing in the spinoffs is the way we’re developing the world and what’s going on in it,” Sutter said.

“The main point that I’m going to make is that this is our show.

We’re not going to just come up with this universe, this world, and we’re not just going to write this story.

We are going to have to do this, and it’s going to take a lot of the stuff that we did with ‘Breaking Back’ to do it.

This is what I do for a living, this is the job I love to do.

So I don’t want to just write a story that’s gonna happen in the blink of an eye.

I want to write something that’s going into the future.

That’s the nature of what I’m doing.

I know it sounds weird but I want it to be a show.”

He continued, “I know that the world of ‘Breaking Out’ and the world that I know of ‘Sonic Boom’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and stuff is not the same world.

I don’ t want to make this world of this show, but I also don’t like that the show is a very long show.

There is no time travel in this world.

We know that people can change their timeline, but there’s no way that you can do that in this show.

You can’t go back in time and change the past or the future.””

Sons,” Sutsun explained, “is like a little mini-series that I think you can really appreciate, because you have to really look at it, and you have a little piece of time where you’re in the present, but it’s like the show, you have that time, you get to watch it and you can understand the characters and the plot.””

You’re in this place where you know something’s going down, but you don’t really know what it is,” he continued.

“It’s like you’re watching ‘Battlestar Galactica’ or you’re at the beach, but in ‘Suns’ there’s this moment where you go, ‘Oh, I get it.

I’m not really going to know what’s happening until it happens.

You don’t get to really experience the world.””

It also feels like a ‘Star Wars’ type of thing, where you have this place that you’re supposed to be at, but then you get out of it, you can’t see anything and it just seems like this is another galaxy that you’ve never been to.

You don’t get to really experience the world.”

The series is set to air in the fall of 2017.

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