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How to cut a house

When the weather gets cold, you can always use a home cutting machine to make a new home.But that’s not always possible.A new home in the Netherlands has a built-in home cutting tool, but you can also use it to cut your own house.It’s called the Home Inr Machine and it’s available for just €3,500.There’s […]

Why we need a new printer, says tech expert

IT can now be done in just a few minutes on a desktop.But to do this, you need a home printer.The solution?A home printer, of course.This week’s issue of The Times Of India features a lengthy article on how to make your own home printer from home materials, including the best home printers of 2017.To […]

How a home machine works

Home granita machines can help patients with conditions like epilepsy.But now, researchers are making them more controllable.Home Granita Machines (HGMs) are the first step in a clinical trial to test a novel home-manufacturing technique called biofeedback.The HGMs are used to treat epilepsy patients who have difficulty controlling their seizures and are unable to use conventional […]

How to fix a broken home pellet dispenser

The Sport has been the source of many a home repair.It has a built-in power cord that’s easy to get the cord around and can be used to connect any electrical outlets.The machine is also great for making home repairs, and many of the parts are simple enough to install yourself.This article will show you […]