The newest home cooking machines are starting to arrive in CitiField. 

Citi Field will be home to the first Citi Home Kitchen machines in a couple of weeks, and they will be available for $1,100. 

The machines are all based on Citi’s popular Home Cooking Machines and can be installed on any of the stadium’s three kitchens. 

There are also the new CitiHome and CitiGrowler, which combine the Home Kitchen’s versatility with the Growler’s ability to grow food from the kitchen’s kitchen sink. 

You can order a CitiCig machine for your home, which will be $1 a pop and come with a starter kit, a water dispenser, and an app. 

A CitiFlix machine costs $1.99 and comes with a 10-liter water reservoir and six-pack of drinks. 

While CitiFitness has its own Home and Garden section, its new HomeGarden and HomeCooking machines are aimed at people who want a more personalized home experience, including a kitchen and a full-service kitchen.

CitiFashionShop, which is a new clothing store, will also be offering new items for $10 a pop, including pants and shorts. 

If you’re into a bit of extra style, you can also add a CITECaster to your Citi ticket, which comes with an array of different fitness gear.

The Citi team also released a new fitness app called the Fitness Hub that will allow fans to check in with their favorite fitness trackers and get their weekly calorie totals for the week. 

As always, there are plenty of ways to get your CITECHampbells on, like by buying them on CITES or by going to Citi Stadium. 

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