The new BBC home video site is the latest step in a long line of home media devices that have emerged as digital nomads.

Home built machines are an increasingly popular hobby among young people and they’re becoming more and more affordable.

The BBC home page currently lists the home laser machine and a range of home lathe machines as well as a range to make home-made jewellery, and the new BBC Home TV site includes an entire home video section with the home built circuit board and a selection of home machines.

But the most interesting new device for home enthusiasts is the home machine.

A home machine is an entirely digital system that can create and play digital music, video, games and more.

The BBC home media website says: ‘Home machines are designed to play games, record and share the experience of making, repairing, repairing and building.

The home machine’s unique capabilities can be used to make new digital creations and enhance the digital experience for viewers.’

I’ve already made my own home machine with my dad, but how much do I need to build one?

I need a lot of materials to make one, but I don’t have any money to build it myself.

My dad has a home machine, and he told me it would cost him £30,000 to build.

How do I buy it?

I’d be happy to build a machine for free if you could send him £20 of your money.

He’d need to know where to send it.

If you can send him money to get it, please send him an email.

I’m a hobbyist.

How much do you have to build?

If you want to build your own machine, you’ll need: a Raspberry Pi computer (not included)