The search giant has been releasing updates for the Android home and home circle devices in recent months, but the first iteration of the software for the home machine has yet to roll out.

The first iteration, called HomeCircle 2.0, will be released in early March and is reportedly designed to “help users find and access the best content online” in the home.

HomeCirclure 2.1 is expected to roll next month and will reportedly include a new search engine, a new “virtual assistant” that “automatically adjusts the search results based on your search history and personal interests” and “the ability to create a new account and create an account that matches the content you’re searching for.”

Google Home has been available on all Android phones and tablets since it was first announced in 2016.

It was originally designed to be a Google-branded device for home users.

Google Home is designed to allow users to control what they search for in the search engine by adding and removing content, adding and changing the search term and even changing the app itself.

The new software is expected “to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for and help them better organize their digital lives.”