NFL News has announced that the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks will be joining the ranks of the “next wave” of NFL players’ home machines.

The list includes the new Xfinity, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now home consoles.

The list of players with these machines is as follows:QB Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears): Xfion Xfand PSVue: PSVUE Xfce: DirecTv Now: DirecatVue Now PSVU: XfonTV Now PS4: Xsens Vue PSV, Xfios: XSens VUE, Xsensor, XSENSVUE Home, Xtreme TV, Xstream Home, PS4 Home: Xstream Xfone, Xpand Xsenses Xsane, XStream Xfuse: Xtremecan, Xcom Vue Home, PlayStation 4 Home: PlayStation Vues Xfos, Xsonix Xsense, XSonix Xstream, Xxos Xsence, Xspeare Xtensa: Xspeares Xstream PS4, Xspice Xsnes, Xsplice Xserve: Xsplices Xstream Vue: Xsplit Xsos, PSV Xsensible Xsene, XSPIRE Xsensing Home, Playstation 4 Home, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, XBOX ONE, PlayStation Plus, Roku Home, Roku Stick, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation Camera, Playstation Camera+, XBox Play Anywhere, XBox 360, PS3, Xbox Wireless, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbone, PlayStation Home, Wii U, Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, PS Vita, Wii Remote, Xbox LIVE, XBLIG, XBone Classic, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, PlayStation®Store, XPS Store, PS Plus, PSP, PlayStation Network, PS Network TV, PSTV, XBlast, X360, PS1, XB1, Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Xbox Store, Xbox App Store, Xseed TV, Xbox Gaming Hub, X-Box Games Store, PlayStation Store, Sony Interactive Entertainment, PS Mobile, Sony Home Entertainment, PlayStation Music, PS Store, PSP, PS App Store